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PROJECTS: Aviation & Transportation


  • Location: Orlando, FL

  • Client: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

  • Project Cost: $14.5 Million

  • Size: 4,500 Parking Spaces

GOAA Employee Parking Facility

The Employee Parking Facility (EPF) at OIA is a multi-modal transit hub that includes two bus stations, covered walkways, secure entry building and entry booths, a bus maintenance complex, and space for over 4,500 cars.  The landscape plan developed by Borrelli + Partners complements the striking appearance of architectural elements designed by the firm, adding life and interest to what could easily have been a monotonous sea of asphalt.   Project scope included the design of two bus stations located at strategic locations within the parking facility to facilitate the pick-up and drop-off of employees of the airport and the airlines.  Large covered, open-air areas offer protection from inclement weather and the relentless Florida sun.  The bus stations are connected to extensive covered walkways linking remote locations in the parking facility and providing employees dry, comfortable, well-lit pedestrian access to pick-up/drop-off points.  A secure entry building and entry booths were also developed to control non-employee access.  This area provided space for video surveillance of the entire parking facility and monitoring of vehicles entering and leaving the facility.   Located within the EPF, Borrelli + Partners designed a two-bay bus and vehicle  maintenance facility and an administration center.  This structure includes maintenance bays, administrative offices for OIA transportation, training rooms, and a break lounge.  Together with the architectural elements on the site, the landscape design of the Employee Parking Facility creates a bold visual impression.  As appropriate for its location, this impression is apparent from both the ground and the air.

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