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Warehouse Renovation brings Increased Commerce and International Trade to Central Florida Tue, Nov 24, 2015

Emirates will be the largest airline flying in and out of Central Florida, to and from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Emirates will be making daily flights to and from Dubai. This new addition to the airport will bring many positive attributes to the area including but not limited to increased foreign trade, additional tourism and additional job opportunities.

B+P renovated what was the Virgin Atlantic Cargo Warehouse into what is now the Emirates Airlines Cargo Warehouse. The space, located at the Orlando International Airport, had been abandoned and empty since 1995, and the Borrelli team brought the building up to date with The Florida Building Code. The space will serve as a storing area for cargo as well as a weigh station for Emirates flights.

Be sure to check out photos from the renovation below as well as the link from Orlando Business Journal regarding the airline and the positive attributes it brings to Central Florida.

See the link below for more Photos of The Emirates flight.


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