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PROJECTS: Aviation & Transportation

Our work on projects like Miami International Airport’s South Terminal proves that style need not be sacrificed for safety. Airport terminals and other transportation facilities are demanding, complex and intricate architectural design projects. Balancing the needs for a welcoming gateway with a particular civic identity for travelers while maintaining the security, support services, and other functional requirements is essential to success. Traffic flow through the building must be planned to be easy and logical in order to maintain a well functioning operation. This should be accomplished by providing a clearly understandable arrangement so that first-time users can proceed through the building with minimal need for assistance in finding the various points along their route—ticketing counters, baggage drops, security screening and the gates. A strategy for clear and informative signage should be integrated with the design from the beginning to ensure optimal usage. In the post 9-11 world security has taken on increased importance. The routing of passengers through the required checkpoints and separation of secure and unsecure areas must be planned to be foolproof. Close coordination with the various security services is necessary to ensure that any possible weakness be avoided. The complexity comes from the integration of the various Infrastructure components including baggage handling, security, communications, ventilation and vertical circulation. The need for flexibility in use and occupants adds another level of intricacy to the process. Creating a handsome, durable building which is easy to navigate is the aim of all Borrelli + Partners transportation projects.