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PROJECTS: Industrial


  • Orlando, FL

  • Client: Orlando Utilities Commission

  • Project Cost: $14.1 Million

  • Size: 9,500 SF

Navy Base Ozone Water Treatment Facility

The Orlando Utilities Commission undertook the 14.1 million, design/build upgrade of the existing water treatment plant located at the now decommissioned Orlando Navy Training Base. The existing base was redeveloped into a new community, Baldwin Park, and includes schools, retail, commercial, recreation and housing. Located on the former Navy Base property were the existing water supply facilities for distribution and purification standards for public consumption in effect at the time and for volume of water required.

The scope of the upgrade involved not only a complete engineering rehabilitation of yard piping, purification and mechanical systems, but also the addition of new ancillary structures. Borrelli + Partners’ involvement included the design and construction documentation bidding assistance and limited construction administration of the Ozone Generation and Chemical Storage Building.

The Ozone Generation building’s function is the removal of hydrogen sulfide from water and the Chemical Storage building’s function is to add chlorine gas to the water for purification, sodium hydroxide for ph balancing and hydrofluorosilic acid for odor control. Borrelli + Partners also developed the landscape and irrigation design and construction documentation.

The two new buildings utilize tilt-up concrete wall slabs; the walls of the Ozone building are structural in nature, as required to support a clear spanning steel roof frame. The Chemical Storage building is a wall skin system supported by a concrete frame.

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