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PROJECTS: Municipal & Corporate


  • Location: Lexington, KY

  • Client: Lexington Lafayette Urban County Government

  • Project Cost: $1.8 Million

  • Size: 65,000 SF

Lexington Courthouse Plaza

The design for the Lexington Courthouse Plaza was chosen in an open, international design competition for its aesthetic excellence and its strict adherence to the guidelines of the design brief, including overlapping programmatic needs and a tight budget.  Borrelli + Partners has synthesized the needs of multiple user groups (including judicial, local government, general public, and businesses) into a 65,000 square foot civic public space which will be the centerpiece of Lexington’s historic downtown.  The plaza incorporates strong axial, interactive, and aesthetic elements, creating center and main identity points for the entire city.   The design interfaces with surrounding and bisecting roads, new and existing buildings and adjacent parks, creating a flexible event and circulation space that performance space, informal gathering and lounging areas, fun spaces for kids, streetscaping, landscaping, and public art.

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